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  • Enable personalized recommendations in supermarkets
  • Bring the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans into digital experience
  • Explore the options of 3D printing
  • Upgrade the Tchibo app to offer a real omnichannel “tool” for our customers


  • Explore the options of voice interfaces / smart assistants
  • Enable augmented fitting room for clothes / augmented placement of furniture in my own living room
  • Explore the options of “smart glasses” devices for customer interaction
  • Enable a truly personalized shopping experience with the Tchibo app
  • Design the Tchibo app as a "must-have" app so that customers want to use it at least once a day


  • Imagine usage (examples) of 5G technology and edge computing
  • Imagine usage (examples) of machine learning algorithms
  • Imagine usage (examples) of computer-brain connectivity


Learn more about Tchibo:

There is coffee as one key pillar and Non Food as a second. The company uses this multi-channel distribution system to offer coffee and the Cafissimo single-serve system, along with weekly changing Non Food ranges. Tchibo and its 11,450 employees worldwide generated revenues of 3.12 billion EUR in 2019.

With its sustainable business policy, the family owned company founded in Hamburg in 1949 was able to win multiple awards including the award for Corporate Ethics and the Environmental Logistics Award in 2012, and the Federal Government’s CSR Award in 2013. In 2016 Tchibo was awarded Germany's most sustainable major enterprise.