The #Tchibo Hackathon is an event to celebrate inspiration.

More precisely: your inspiration

What do developers love more than fast wifi? Coffee. We are looking for new digital solutions that will innovate and reinvent the consumer’s experience at Tchibo in three challenge areas described below. 

About us: Tchibo has an unique business model. In eight countries, Tchibo operates about 900 Tchibo shops, approx. 24,300 depots at third-party retail outlets and national online shops. The company is the roasted coffee market leader in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary and one of the leading e-commerce companies in Europe offering non-food products.

Tchibo stands for inspiration, emotional and personal interaction and is constantly looking for new digital solutions that will innovate Tchibo.

A world of possibilities and opportunities to explore, so help us to enter the next digital level!

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That's Tchibo coffee!



Build applications in one of the following challenge categories:


How can you improve and innovate the DIGITAL shopping experience across all touchpoints (webshop/app, stores and shelf spaces in supermarkets) or by the combination of some touchpoints (omnichannel)?


Which digital add-on services (app or webshop) can you create to help Tchibo to stay a relevant shopping destination - before, during and after sales?


Where will Tchibo be in 10 years from now? What creative and disruptive technology solutions can developers come up with for the future? Your disruptive ideas are needed!


The word “Hackathon” may sound too techy, but remember this is an event to explore, experiment and learn by turning together creative ideas into projects and real prototypes.




Who can join the party?

Every tech- or business-brain (older than 18 years) is welcome and can take part in our Hackathon. You can sign in as an individual or as a team. You can be an avid coffee consumer, a shopping lover, an entrepreneur in the making or simply a curious mind.

For further eligibility information, visit section 3 in the rules. 

Do I need an idea to participate?

NOPE – not necessarily. We are happy if you are inspired and bring your enthusiasm to the event. You can join other teams and work together on newly developed ideas. 


WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING for submission?

To qualify for prizes, participants must abide by all of the rules and the following minimum submission requirements:

  1. Upload all of your code including a text file with dependencies used to run the code into a git repo and include it within your Devpost submission
  2. Record a video presentation/pitch with a explanation of the ideation/solution proposal, development, and demo of your final project. (ideally 3 minutes, 5 min max)
  3. A complete submission form on Devpost before the deadline

Overall you will need to have either a functioning prototype that the judges can interact directly with, or clearly present the navigation through your final project in your video.

If you are facing technical issues with submitting your project onto Devpost, please reach out to a staff member.

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9,000 in prizes

Best Consumer Touch Points Solution

• 2,000€
• Meeting with the Tchibo business team
• Social media post featuring your project
• Tchibo coffee machine (up to 6 teammates)

Best Add-on Service Solution

• 2,000€
• Meeting with the Tchibo business team
• Social media post featuring your project
• Tchibo coffee machine (up to 6 teammates)

Best Wildcard / Think Big Solution

• 2,000€
• Meeting with the Tchibo business team
• Social media post featuring your project
• Tchibo coffee machine (up to 6 teammates)

2nd Place Consumer Touch Points Solution

• 1,000€

2nd Place Add-on Service Solution

• 1,000€

2nd Place Wildcard / Think Big Solution

• 1,000€

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dr. Philipp Andrée

Dr. Philipp Andrée
Ext. Boardmember E-Commerce & Marketing, Tchibo GmbH

Tobias Schlottke

Tobias Schlottke
Co-founder, Online Marketing Rockstars

Marylise Tauzia

Marylise Tauzia
Platform Marketing Lead, Square

Claudia Studtmann

Claudia Studtmann
Head of Retail, Facebook

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Includes how unique and creative your project is.
  • Implementation of Technology
    Includes the quality and the integration of the developer tools, hardware, or other tech that you selected to use in your project.
  • Impact
    Includes how well your project solves a relevant problem for Tchibo’s business or customers.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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